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Intelligent task distribution to international agencies for optimal use of resources:

In recent years, the company has quickly expanded to three operating successfully, international sites : Minsk (Belarus), Vinnitsa (Ukraine) and Severodonetsk (Ukraine).

In all locations, the managers are the same also holds next TechFunder. So we can rely completely on employee engagement. This is where flat hierarchies and team spirit, professionalism and company spirit.

TechFunder structure:

TechFunder (Cologne): Focus: Project management, customer communication, customer support, administration, coordination, main office, place of jurisdiction and performance of our services, founded in 2006

CLABs (Belarus): 19 Staff (focus on development of new technologies - Web and Mobile Software) founded in 2007

CDev (Ukraine): 12 Staff (focus on development of enterprise applications based on PHP/MySQL/AJAX/Flash), founded in 2008

CFutures (Ukraine): 13 Staff (focus : development of enterprise applications based on PHP/MySQL/AJAX/Flash), founded in 2012

The perfect team for your perfect start

The team will take care of TechFunder with passion and motivation to realize your business idea. Our specialists are constantly working on the development of innovative information and communication technologies. The international team consists of project managers, software analysts, developers, server administrators and web designers. For each project we put together a perfect team to bring to each project a success.

Highest qualification of our employees for your most demanding

Our employees all have a university degree and have many years of international experience in a variety of projects collected. You are a developer with heart and soul and know the demands of experienced entrepreneurs.

We would be happy if we would your business idea to work together with you on the national or international market professionally.

Partner Feedback


Wir haben mit TechFunder innerhalb von nur 6 Monaten das B2B Streaming Portal www.music2biz.com realisiert und auf den Markt gebracht. Die gesamte Projektarbeit war von großer Kompetenz und Termintreue gekennzeichnet. Absolut top.

Bernd Awaloff


Компания “www.music2biz.com

7Mann.de - Handball Community

TechFunder begleitet uns seit einem halben Jahr. Projektplanung, -abwicklung und -steuerung waren bislang immer hervorragend. Angestoßene Optimierungsprozesse wurden dabei schnell umgesetzt und produktive Ideen kreativ integriert.

Christof Kugler


Компания “www.7Mann.de


In TechFunder haben wir einen kompetenten und leistungsstarken IT-Partner gefunden, der agil und selbständig arbeitet und ein fester Teil unseres Teams geworden ist.

Markus Lohse


Компания “www.Acrar.com


Technical funding for your Startup!

TechFunder team offers the possibility to get technical investments for your Startup. We develop the technological solution, take over the Support and provide the technical infrastructure for your Startup. For it we get a participation in your Startup and work together in the long term as a partner. During the last 7 years we have developed for the following business divisions software: Project Management tools, performance marketing, Social media, eCommerce, business Intelligence, Web-Analytics, Online-Advertising Networks, etc.

Our know-how goes from the ext. production up to the production of Internet main entrances, from Social monitoring for tools up to Affiliate systems. Our team encloses more than 40 IT specialists (Etnwickler, project managers, designers, testers, system administrators) any time are ready to help you!