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TechFunder looking for marketing professionals

In cooperation with marketers TechFunder implemented ideas of IT products with great potential and released them to the rialto.

If you are an expert in marketing and working with an exciting product idea, contact us and we will assist you in realizing!

TechFunder allows to develop IT products without investors

With access to the highly skilled inexpensive developers TechFunder profitable in IT development, resulting in creation of new businesses in the IT-based without investors is possible.

TechFunder - technical partner for business 

TechFunder was founded in 2006 in Cologne, in order to develop business cases for an exciting technology solutions and infrastructure.

Thus, we act as a technical partner in various projects and have experience in areas such as:

- Performance Marketing Technologies - ECommere solutions - Projest-Management-/Projest-Controlling-tools - Audio-/Video-Streaming - Social Media Monitoring - Facebook Advertising - Mobile Apps - Data Visualization / Business Intelligence

TechFunder successfully conducted more than 50 major IT projects for the last 7 years.

Partner Feedback

Our B2B portal BGM www.music2biz.com TechFunder team has developed and effectively put on the market in just six months. Cooperation with TechFunder at each stage of the project is described it as competent and punctual. TechFunder is absolutely the best!

Bernd Awaloff


Компания “www.music2biz.com

TechFunder cooperates with us for six months. Development and support of the portal is always performed perfectly. TechFunder team has established itself as a professional and creative company, with which it is pleasant to do business.

Christof Kugler


Компания “www.7Mann.de

In the face of TechFunder we have found a competent and smart IT-partner, who works efficiently and reliably. TechFunder has become an integral part of our team.

Markus Lohse


Компания “www.Acrar.com


Technical funding for your Startup!

TechFunder team offers the possibility to get technical investments for your Startup. We develop the technological solution, take over the Support and provide the technical infrastructure for your Startup. For it we get a participation in your Startup and work together in the long term as a partner. During the last 7 years we have developed for the following business divisions software: Project Management tools, performance marketing, Social media, eCommerce, business Intelligence, Web-Analytics, Online-Advertising Networks, etc.

Our know-how goes from the ext. production up to the production of Internet main entrances, from Social monitoring for tools up to Affiliate systems. Our team encloses more than 40 IT specialists (Etnwickler, project managers, designers, testers, system administrators) any time are ready to help you!